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Thailand New Plant Construction

The date of the event:2024-01-20 08:37:30Reading:934

As a legal person of China's professional agricultural product deep processing enterprise, Suzhou Youi Foods Co., Ltd specializes in the production of beans and nuts related snacks with more than 20 years of experience in food processing technology and production. In the growing health food market, we recognize the huge market potential for beans and nuts snack worldwide. Based on this understanding, Suzhou Youi Foods Co., Ltd. decided to establish a new food factory in Thailand to meet the international market demand for beans and nuts snacks.

To this end, Suzhou Youi Foods Co., Ltd has officially started to launch this project in September 2023. The new factory registered by Thailand's DBD is called Only Foods Manufacture Co., Ltd., which is located in the Lokana Longyan Industrial Park in Hangson Town, Longyan County, Chonburi Province, Thailand. The factory covers an area of 25,692.40 square meters. It has a superior geographical location, convenient transportation, and rich agricultural product resources. As of January 2024, the project has completed groundbreaking exploration and will start the factory construction project soon.

Youi Foods has invested over US$4 million in Only Foods Manufacture Co., Ltd. and will make every effort to build modern production lines and advanced technical equipment to ensure efficient production and high-quality products. The factory will focus on the production, processing and sales of nuts and beans leisure foods, and strictly control the selection and processing of raw materials to ensure that the nutritional value, taste and quality of the products reach the best level. At the same time, we will focus on research and development, innovation, and continuously introduce new varieties and flavours to meet consumers' diverse taste preferences.

According to the investment plan, Only Foods Manufacture Co., Ltd. will be officially put into production in October 2024. It will adhere to the values and business philosophy of Suzhou Youi Foods Co., Ltd., supported by its rich experience in deep processing of agricultural products and technical strength, and will build a sustainable enterprise based on high-quality products, professional services and continuous innovation. Focusing on providing high-quality food products and expanding through export markets, we bring delicious, nutritious and healthy snack options to consumers around the world.

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