Suzhou Youi Foods Company specialized in producing beans and nuts snacks related foods.Suzhou Youi Foods Company is known as the Leading Enterprise of Jiangsu Agricultural Industrialization, Jiangsu Science and technology private enterprise, Suzhou famous brand enterprise, Suzhou pioneer private agricultural enterprise.

YOUI was founded in 2003, keeps satisfying customers, innovating, and beyond ourselves as our business concept, aiming at providing customers good quality, healthy and nutritious leisure snacks.YOUI inherits and develops Chinese traditional leisure snacks culture, leading the Chinese customers ‘bean’ culture, has become the biggest and the most professional beans deep processing enterprise.


  • 2017

    Get “Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificatacertificate” in Jan.

    Leci New Products of Fun Pot launched in May.

    Leci developed Godness Nuts and Roasted Black Rice Sushi in October.

  • 2016
    2016 Youi’s New Brand “leci” was born, specialized in creative snacks,there are two main products now,Brown Sugar Cashew and Roasted Seaweed Sushi.
  • 2014

    Suzhou Youi Group Co.,Ltd.was put into production officially.

    A research institute of Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Academy in Youi Group was set up in May

  • 2013
    Establishment of the Youi Group in Jan. 2013
  • 2012

    2012 Cooperation with Jiannan University & Jiangsu Normal University Establishment of agricultural products processing research center Obtaining 148

    National Reliable Grain and Oil Demonstrain Enterprise

  • 2011

    Youi Marketing Co.,LTD in Oct.

    Suzhou Famous Brand

  • 2010

    Suzhou Outstanding Private Agriculture Base Enterprise

    2010 CEO was awarded “Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs”

    Establishment of Youi Health Industrial Park Co.,LTD in May

  • 2009
    2009 Provincial Agriculture Industrialization Leading Enterprises
  • 2008

    2008 Operation of the second workshop of Youi Foods in Aug

    Certificate of Suzhou Famous Export Brand

  • 2007
    2007 Suzhou Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises
  • 2006

    2006 Expansion of 10,000m2 modernized workshop

  • 2003
    2003 Establishment of Youi Foods in Dec.


  • To rebuild food manufacture industry, improve the reputation of Chinese food in the world, inherit and develop the culture of Cuisine.

  • To become the largest food group in China, provide the best quality food to people.

  • Innovation makes dreams come true, keep a grateful heart all the time.

  • Integrity, Innovation, Beyond ourselves.

  • Vigorousness, Persistence, Practicality and Harmony. Details determine your success.

  • Satisfy customers, Achieve customers

Enterprise Spirit

YOUI logo is combined with cursive U and I ,similar to the Chinese character "优",which express YOUI’s eventual aim: To provide you with world’s best foods.

YOUI logo looks the same as the Chinese character "天",adhering to Dinning counts most for people, of which safety comes first. We are given the greatest gift and we are serving for our customers the best food.

YOUI logo is like an Olympic gymnastics athlete, one hand holding the Olympic torch, the other pointing to the front, striding up, which expressing YOUI keeps innovating, go beyond ourselves, towards a higher, faster, stronger aim.




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