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Deputy Secretary of Wuzhong District Li Chaoyang visits Youi Group to carry out the "Three Triple".

The date of the event:2017-02-13 14:37:05Reading:3594

Deputy Secretary of Wuzhong District Li Chaoyang visits Youi Group to carry out the "Three Triple".

In the afternoon of January 17, 2017, Li Chaoyang led the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and the Bureau of Commerce of the District. Linhu Town Party Secretary Gu Qiang, Vice Mayor Shen Juanjuan accompanied.Li Chaoyang visited Youi Group R & D Technology Center for field trips and listened to Youi Group Chairman Chen Jian on the construction of electronic food service system report. Li Chaoyang understands in detail of the operation of the enterprise. He fully affirms Youi Group in the "Internet + agricultural processing" new mode of the new model results and encourages enterprises to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading and cultivate core competitiveness. In the new year, Li Chaoyang hopes Youi Group can Grasp opportunities, pioneering and innovative, show new work and striving for new success and make greater contributions for economic take-off in Wuzhong District.

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